Youth Workshops

All the World’s a Stage: Using Stories to Share Our Faith

by Joshua Jiang

Love Shakespeare? Want to flex your creativity muscle? In this workshop, we will use our thinking, writing, and speaking skills to share our own faith stories through drama. We begin by exploring what the gospel story reveals to us about beauty and brokenness. Then we will collaborate to produce our own original skit, and in the process, learn how to articulate and share our personal testimonies. If you want to practice creative ways of sharing the love of Christ with others, this is the workshop for you. No prior experience necessary!

Healthy Sexuality—An Integrated Framework

(Saturday Only)
by Victoria Chiu, LMHC

When the word “sexuality” comes up, what’s the first word that comes to mind? How much do you know about sexuality, really, apart from the “do’s and don’ts”? In this workshop, we will look at different aspects of how healthy sexuality is formed, relying on the whole counsel of Scripture and integrating it with relevant psychological concepts, incorporating cultural and social influences. We will discuss how this good creation is distorted by sin (separation from God) and how agape love helps us steward our sexuality to the glory of God and to advance His Kingdom in this world.

Living Freely in His Grace (young men only)

by John Liu

“If the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.”
We are all born so deeply in sin that living freely in God’s grace can seem foreign. What does it mean to live freely and how can we get there? How has our freedom been influenced by the norms of our culture and the world? And what factors hinder us from experiencing true freedom? Understanding how to live freely in His grace can help us better resist and conquer sins such as lust and idolatry. In this workshop we will examine the spiritual and emotional aspects of living freely in relationship with God and be transformed from our sin and shame.

Taking God at His Word

by Dan Lee

What are we supposed to believe about the word of God? What are we supposed to feel about the word of God? What are we supposed to do with the word of God? How can we know we can depend on the Bible? Sometimes we hear Christians admit that they don’t like what the Bible says, but since it’s the Bible they have to obey it. Should we be satisfied with that answer? The Bible can seem dull at times but taken as a whole, the Bible is the greatest story ever told, and the people who know it best are usually those who delight in it the most. In this workshop we will unpack what the Bible says about the Bible, as we learn to take God at his word.

Taming the Tyrannies

by Michelle Park

We want to live our best lives but sometimes the demands of school, work, parents and peers overwhelm us. We so often give into Tyrannies that deplete our souls – The Tyrannies of “Busy,” “Competition,” and “Comparison.” What will it take to keep from falling into the Tyrannies or from feeling trapped in them once we find ourselves there? Being there sometimes produces stress, anxiety, and/or depression. Find out what signs to look for in your life that a Tyranny is present and what you can do to truly begin living your best life.

Vision: Discover Your Potential to Make a Difference for Christ

by Twon Mai

What are you doing with your life? Do you know what you were created for? God has a vision for everyone. He sees your potential in Christ. and has given you spiritual gifts to use. He knows the impact you can make on your family, friends, school, career, and world. God saved you so you can go make a difference for His glory. This workshop will teach you the practical steps you can take to catch God’s vision for your life and become awakened to your potential in Christ.