Registration & Checkout

What do we need to do when we get to the campus?
Go to the Cromwell Lounge to register/check-in upon your arrival.
Is there parking on campus?
When you arrive, you should park in the multi-level parking complex (Lot #13) closest to the Townhouses where housing will be, then head to Cromwell Lounge to check in which is a next to the parking complex.
If I have missed registration and would like to attend, what can I do?
You can use our Day Rate plan. $50 per day to attend all main meetings and workshops without meals or lodging. $25 per meeting or workshop. Sunday morning message ONLY remains “open house” where we do not collect fees. If someone stays for workshops or the evening message, they will need to pay the day rates.
What if I arrive during non-registration hours or after registration hours are over?
If there is a possibility you know you will arrive after registration hours are over, please inform our registration team ahead of time to make arrangements. Please print out a copy of the schedule and attend the appropriate meetings. For meals, you can talk to our dining services manager usually standing at the front of the meal line and let them know you arrived but have not yet checked in yet. They will have a list of registered names.
What items do we need to bring for registration?
  • Bring your confirmation letter.
  • Bring your signed Liability Release Waiver if you have not previously sent it in.
  • Bring a $20 deposit for dorm keys. *

* This will be refunded to you upon return of the key card at the end of the conference. If you lose your key card, you will be required to give another $20 for replacement which will be returned to you when you give back your keys. However, you will NOT receive the first $20 for the key card you lost.

What will you be given at Registration?
You will be given a key card, a handbook, a colored wristband. Do not remove the colored wristband. If you lose your key card, there is a $20 replacement fee. This serves as access to all meeting buildings, your dorm room and meals. Please treat it like a debit card and keep it safe.
What is the purpose of the wristband?
The wristband identifies you as having registered with this conference. (There will also be TCNJ students on campus) Without it, you will be denied access to all workshops and meetings.
What is the checkout process?
Remove all of your belongings from the room. Please leave the room how you found it. Place a trash in proper receptacles, put all rented sheets, pillowcase, blanket, and towels on your bed (please do not ball up). Go to Registration (Cromwell Lounge) to return your key cards and receive your deposit back to check out.


What are dorms like at TCNJ?
Conference attendees will stay in Townhouses that have suite-style dorms. Each townhouse has 3 floors. Each floor has four single private bedrooms for one person (except for the first floor which only has two single rooms), a shared bathroom and shared full-size refrigerator and microwave. The first floor of each townhouse has a shared lounge area.
What is provided with the Linen Fee?
  • Top Sheet
  • Bottom Sheet
  • Pillow Case
  • Pillow
  • Blanket
  • Two bath towels
  • One Washcloth
  • 2 mini bars of soap
  • 2 plastic cups
  • 1 paper bath mat for each night
If my dorm room is in poor condition (broken bulb, missing mattress, etc) what do I do?
If there is something wrong with your room, a safety concern, etc. please call TCNJ Guest Services at x5507 from any phone on campus or from your dorm room or 609-637-5507.
Meeting Room Locations
  • College & Career main meetings are held in Education Building, Room 212.
  • Youth main meetings are held at Brower Student Center, Room 100.
  • All C&C workshops will be in the Education Building.
  • All Youth workshops will be in the Social Sciences Building.
  • All meals (if you have selected it) are at Eickoff Hall.
  • There is a Student Center and Campus Town with limited hours on campus for your own purchase.
  • The English Prayer Room is at the Spiritual Center.
  • Registration is in Cromwell Lounge

Money Matters

What is the breakdown of the total cost?
Please see the registration page for the updated total cost and cost breakdowns.
Donations: Under the current U.S. tax law, any one-time donation greater than $250.00 to charity organization will need a receipt issued by that organization along with your return check when claiming tax deductible contribution.  Any meal and lodging expenses, which benefit you, should be excluded from charity donation. Please refer to our daily meal/lodging cost guidelines (on registration page) and exclude the proper amount that applies to you on your Donation Receipt application. (You can find these by the offering boxes.)
Where are the offering boxes?
The offering boxes are at the back of the main meeting rooms and at registration during checkout.
What forms of payment are accepted?
Make checks or money orders payable to the New York Summer Conference. Cash is also an acceptable form of payment.