College & Career Workshops

Emotionally Healthy Relationships Course

by Shirley & Kelly Ng
The Emotionally Healthy Relationships Course equips people with eight practical skills to love others well as mature followers of Jesus. It was developed by Pete and Geri Scazzero for the purpose of transforming the culture of our churches by offering new language, new tools, and new strategies to break through relational roadblocks. Shirley and Kelly Ng, as certified teachers and long-time members of New Life Fellowship (where EH Relationships was birthed) will teach the first two of these skills. We highly recommend that you attend both workshops to get the best understanding of EHR.

Connecting and Nurturing Healthy Loving Relationships

(Saturday Only)
Being in the family of Jesus, we are meant to connect with each other, but what does that look like? Often times we desire to have deeper relationships, but we don’t know how. This workshop will help bring self-awareness, learning how to express ourselves and share in meaningful ways that is safe and practical. Thus leading you to a more connected and loving relationships that is life-giving.

The Gift of Our Emotions

(Sunday Only)
Do you believe your emotions are a gift from God? Or do you think emotions can’t be trusted or something to be controlled? In this workshop, we will dive deeper into our Christian walk by identifying and embracing our feelings. Our feelings inform us and are a window into our soul. As the psalmist David praised, cried out for help, lamented and even shouted out in anger to God, we too can share our anger, disappointments, fears and joys to our Heavenly Father. We will learn how to engage our emotions which leads to freedom, bringing us closer to God and a deeper connection with others.

A good Offense is a good Defense

by Miguel Rodriguez
This workshop will cover how we can use biblical evidence to defend our beliefs in the face of secular arguments. We will explore what you believe and how to use the Bible to answer difficult questions. The workshop will cover a form of Christian theology that aims to present historical, reasoned, and evidential bases for Christianity, defending it against common objections.

An Introduction to Interpreting Dreams

by Liz Lezon
Have you ever experienced a dream so vivid, you thought it was real? Or had one years ago you could never forget? Did you know that God communicates to us through dreams? Join us to learn what the Bible says about dreams and how these keys can unlock your understanding on He longs to speak to us today!

The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit

by David Herling
The Holy Spirit is one of the most important people in the New Testament, and the key to understanding the New Testament church, so why do we talk about him so rarely? Have you ever wondered why Jesus would say that we are better off with the Holy Spirit than we would be with him physically here among us (John 16:7)? This workshop is an introduction not to a topic but to a Person, one who lives in the heart of every believer! What are spiritual gifts? How do I use my spiritual gifts responsibly? Includes both practical theology and application.