College & Career Workshops


(Friday Only)
by Kelly & Shirley Ng

We all have expectations, whether we are aware of it or not. Yet unmet expectations are a major cause of unnecessary disappointments and disconnected relationships. In this workshop, you will learn how to embrace your expectations in a healthy manner that allows you to build and develop meaningful, connected relationships, and avoid unnecessary hurts.


(Saturday Only)
by Kelly & Shirley Ng

Understanding our family history can open doors of freedom to live in the new family of Jesus. Preparing a genogram of your family is a core emotionally healthy skill that enables us to observe the negative impact of how our family of origin, and our culture, over three to four generations, affects our spiritual formation. This practical and hands-on workshop will help you to back in order to go forward by creating your family’s genogram.

Healthy Sexuality—An Integrated Framework

(Saturday Only)
by Victoria Chiu, LMHC

When the word “sexuality” comes up, what’s the first word that comes to mind? How much do you know about sexuality, really, apart from the “do’s and don’ts”? In this workshop, we will look at different aspects of how healthy sexuality is formed, relying on the whole counsel of Scripture and integrating it with relevant psychological concepts, incorporating cultural and social influences. We will discuss how this good creation is distorted by sin (separation from God) and how agape love helps us steward our sexuality to the glory of God and to advance His Kingdom in this world.

Living Freely In His Grace

(men only)
by John Liu

Jesus says in John 8:36 “So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.” It’s easy to get confused about what it means to live freely in God’s grace, especially when we try to live our faith influenced by the norms of our culture. What’s holding us back from experiencing the fullness of His freedom? Is it possible that we also cheapen His grace without even realizing it? What does it mean to be set free especially when we are all born with sin, yet also presented with the gift of salvation? For example, as men one of the sins we might constantly struggle with is lust. How do we experience freedom and the fullness of His grace so that we experience freedom from the bondage and stronghold of this sin? In this workshop we will examine and tackle some of the spiritual and emotional aspects of living freely in His grace so that we may continually be transformed and strengthened in our faith and relationship with our heavenly father.

A Shift in our Perspective and Approach to Evangelism

by Sam Park

Growing up in the church, we’ve developed a particular perspective and approach to evangelism. For many of us, evangelism was taught and modeled as something that the more mature leaders, or those who are “gifted” in evangelism, or “extroverts” do. That’s actually not true. EVERYONE has been called to evangelize— that is, to share the “good news of Jesus Christ from their particular stage of life and faith. The shift is from focusing on methodology to motivation. We’ll talk about this new perspective to evangelism as well as learn a few things about how to actually engage the world around us with our faith!

Taming the Tyrannies

by Michelle Park

We want to live our best lives but sometimes the demands of school, work, parents and peers overwhelm us. We so often give into Tyrannies that deplete our souls – The Tyrannies of “Busy,” “Competition,” and “Comparison.” What will it take to keep from falling into the Tyrannies or from feeling trapped in them once we find ourselves there? Being there sometimes produces stress, anxiety, and/or depression. Find out what signs to look for in your life that a Tyranny is present and what you can do to truly begin living your best life.