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Songwriting For Everyone

Youth Workshop — Deborah & Jesse Du

The Psalms call us to “sing to the Lord a new song,” and whether or not you consider yourself musical, we miss out on a unique way to experience God by neglecting this call. This songwriting workshop is to empower the voice in you to declare God’s goodness in fresh ways, whether you’ve never tried writing a song or have written many before. There will be different exercises and activities based on skill level, so everyone is invited!
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Meaningful Evangelism

Youth Workshop — Miguel Rodriguez

“Folks don’t care what you know, unless they know that you care”. This statement holds true to any interpersonal relationship. Most times folks are not sure how to talk about Jesus and salvation with people do to fear and no real game plan. This workshop helps to build on a set of ideas and talking points when sharing the gospel. Sharing the gospel is more than standing on a street corner, its being able to use any situation and use that as an avenue to talk about salvation through Jesus.
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Introduction to Spiritual Warfare

Youth Workshop — Tom Hui

Reality tends to be a limiting factor in our lives within the confines of our 3-dimensional world. This is even more prevalent within the spiritual realm, especially with the things that are unseen (most of the time, unless we pay close attention). Ephesians 6 says that our battle isn’t against people but against the forces and authorities of darkness in the spiritual world. In this workshop, we’ll dive into those things that are unseen within the spiritual realm that will equip us to win the spiritual daily battles we face in our lives.
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Intimacy, Love and Dating

Youth Workshop — Hoon Kim

God is love, love is good and God designed humanity for love. However, in a fallen world where hearts are prone to temptation and idolatry, the pursuit and expression of love can often get messy, even when we start off with the best intentions. This workshop will take a candid look at heart issues and discuss practical steps to determine whether you really are ready for romance. We will cover common myths such as the “dot theory of dating” and how to honor God with our hearts and relationships.
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Experiencing God Through Prayer

Youth Workshop — Jasmine Flores

How many times have you tried to pray on your own and just given up? When you pray with others does it feel like you’re just saying what ‘sounds good?’ Does prayer really make a difference? It does! In fact, you can experience God in prayer and you can pray prayers that make an impact. Come to this workshop to find out how!

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Revival & Reconciliation

C&C Workshop — Daniel Park

Revival is used in many contexts today. But what does it mean for us? For Christians, Revival is not an event, nor just a movement. It’s the Holy Spirit working to bring to life what is dead. After living for too long in spiritual decline and indifference, we need the Holy Spirit to awaken our stagnant lives and churches!
History shows that revival has awakened the Body of Christ and brought restoration between generations (Malachi 4:6), leaving a deep impression on communities, changing lives, healing relationships and restoring families. In this interactive workshop, we will discuss and identify the barriers, opportunities, and results of restoring revival.

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Pushing Through In The Desert

C&C Workshop — Tom Hui

If you’re human, you have been through dry, parched, and dying seasons in your physical, mental and spiritual parts of life. This workshop seeks to help you interactively discover and make an edifying decision that successfully pushes you through the parched seasons of life and into deeper spiritual maturity and a more intimate relationship with God.
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Inner Healing / Healing of Emotional Wounds

C&C Workshop — Heidi Bastaros

Can Jesus visit our most painful memories that have caused hang ups in our lives and bring true healing? In this workshop we will explore what inner healing (also known as the healing of memories) is all about. We will learn how we can use this helpful tool to minister healing and freedom from past hurts to the body of Christ so that we can truly proclaim that it is for freedom that we have been set free. Continue reading

Discerning God’s Voice and Will

C&C Workshop — Hoon Kim

God intended life to be lived in dependence and relationship with Himself. The Fall of Genesis 3 broke this fellowship, but God, through the Good News of Jesus, made a way for us to know Him, hear Him, and be led by Him.This workshop focuses on the practice of knowing and discerning His will and voice in our lives through practical and heart-based applications. The goal of this workshop is to be able to deepen our intimacy with God and make wise, better decisions for our lives. Continue reading