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What is your S.H.A.P.E.?

2016 C&C/Youth Workshop – Manni Lee and Tracey Woods

Everyone has a purpose and a calling. God uses your spiritual gifts, your passion, your abilities, your personality, and your experiences to shape your calling. During this workshop, we will help you discover how you are individually shaped and fit in the Body of Christ. We want to equip you to be in your best shape to minister to others and to fulfill your calling.

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Sabbath, Contemplation, and Hearing God

2016 C&C Workshop – Xian Chang

Are you tired? Are you too busy? God commanded us to remember the Sabbath. It is the longest of the 10 commandments and yet we ignore it. Come take a break with us and with God. Find out why it is necessary to rest, be still, and spend time with God. These practices are imperative elements to knowing God. Learn some practical ways to practice Sabbath that will allow you to hear God, be led by the Spirit, develop a closer relationship with Him, and ultimately allow yourself to love Him and be loved by Him. You may get your Sabbath yet!
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Grieving the Seasons of Your Life

2016 C&C Workshop – Ron Walborn

Loss is a reality for every person in this world including believers. We must grieve the painful losses of the past seasons of our lives before we can effectively embrace the present and the future. Grieving is part of God’s healing plan for our lives. Come find out why and how to do it!

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2016 C&C Main Message #4 — “Emotional Healing” — Ron Walborn

Emotional wounds and trauma will often result in debilitating lies being attached to those events. Left unchallenged, these lies will destroy any hope people have for joy and effective living. Jesus knows how to confront the embedded lies of our past with His amazing light and truth. Freedom and emotional healing is possible and available in this life, right now.
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2016 C&C Main Message #3 — “The Filling of the Holy Spirit throughout the Scriptures” — Ron Walborn

There are some Christians who act as if the Holy Spirit did not exist before the New Testament and ceased to exist as soon as the New Testament canon was completed. In truth, the Holy Spirit was actively filling and empowering people throughout the Old and New Testament and continues to fill and empower believers in our day. This teaching is designed to open our hearts to a fresh filling of the Holy Spirit in our day.
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My Battle with My Body

2015 Youth Workshop – Henry Wan

I hated everything I saw – my obesity, my narrow eyes, my puny arms, my flat nose. My body was never thin or muscular enough. I disliked how clothes felt on me. My body tormented me and, in response, I tormented it back – calorie restriction, excessive exercise. No matter what I did, I was not happy with what I saw. Dysmorphic body image goes beyond struggling with weight loss and describes a deeper dislike for one’s body no matter how much is done to improve it.

Adolescents care tremendously about how they look because it’s how they show themselves to the world. Since so much depends on image, teens could be absolutely harsh towards what they see in the mirror. In this workshop, I will share about my own struggle with my body and how I reclaimed the Image of God that is within me. This workshop is for those who are interested in exploring the issue of body image and how it could crippling and how confidence can be restored.

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Advocacy, Organizing & the Bible

2015 Youth Workshop – Miguel Rodriguez

Every day, policy decisions are analyzed, debated and made regarding the public school system, health and safety, and the society that our youth will enter. Far too frequently those decisions are made without any input from the young people and individuals who will have to live with them. Members of the communities most impacted on issues such as immigration reform, anti-war, education reform, sustainable green works have taken to the streets. The questions young believers are struggling with is “Do I take to the streets as well?”

This workshop explores real social-economic issues and helps to develop a better understanding of racism and classicism. We will also explore developing biblical perspectives to approach such issues.

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Shepherd Leadership

2015 C&C Workshop – Peter Pendell

He is the ultimate Shepherd-Leader, able to confront and encourage, correct and nurture, direct and walk along beside us! That’s a balance that most of us find very difficult to attain. Our tendency is to favor the side of this equation that comes most naturally, but is that the best way to lead? For some of us the hard conversations about conduct and choices seem like just the opposite of the encouraging words we want to speak. Others of us leave people wondering if we really care about them!

How do we reach the balance? Dr. Peter Pendell will help us wrestle with the high calling of “Shepherd Leadership.” Forty years of pastoral ministry provide insight that will be valuable for all who want to lead like Jesus in the home, on the job and in the church.

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Walking Faithfully

2015 Youth Workshop – Dan Lee

According to your smartphone or Fitbit, how many steps a day do you average? Walking can be thought of as more than just a function of physical fitness. We are going to step into how your everyday activities, habits and routines have an impact on a healthy (or unhealthy) soul. Why is it so easy to go days, weeks, months at a time without acknowledging Him? Join us as we make strides to learn what it means to have an ongoing – walking – relationship with God.
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Effective Discipleship: The Path to Spiritual Maturity

2015 C&C Workshop – Ellen Hwang

We talk a lot about discipleship and how we are called to make disciples as followers of Christ but what does that look like? Is there a difference between mentoring and discipleship?
Some of us say that we’re not in a place to lead anyone. Who can disciple? Who shouldn’t?

There is also a difference between “second hand spirituality” (trying to walk through someone else’s experience) and being guided by someone through their walk. We’ll look at the biblical foundation for discipleship to draw our key principles and learn how you can be an effective one.
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Discipleship 101

2015 Youth Workshop – Ellen Hwang

We all need someone to walk with us to help us navigate our growing walk with God. Our faith is meant to be lived out in community, not only by ourselves. There may be a time in your life where you feel you don’t know how to get to deeper with God. So if Jesus’s command was for us to go and make disciples, how do we get to a place where we can do that? In order to make disciples, we need to become disciples. Find out why and how.
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Financial Wellness

2015 C&C Workshop – Paul S. Kim

Financial Wellness affects many parts of our lives, find out what the bible says about finances and how it impacts your life. We’ll also learn some practical tools on how to manage your finances. Continue reading

Idolatry and the Church

2015 Youth Workshop – Patrick Nam

In this workshop, we will study the subtle way idolatry enters in the church and the lives of believers as we also discuss the theme of Glory. God is to be glorified but when this is focused on things that are NON-GOD, idolatry results. We will try to figure out some pervasive ways idolatry can sneak up on the church and what we can do to fight idolatry.
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