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Vision: Discover Your Potential to Make a Difference for Christ

Youth Workshop — Twon Mai

What are you doing with your life? Do you know what you were created for? God has a vision for everyone. He sees your potential in Christ. and has given you spiritual gifts to use. He knows the impact you can make on your family, friends, school, career, and world. God saved you so you can go make a difference for His glory. This workshop will teach you the practical steps you can take to catch God’s vision for your life and become awakened to your potential in Christ.

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Taking God at His Word

Youth Workshop — Dan Lee

What are we supposed to believe about the word of God? What are we supposed to feel about the word of God? What are we supposed to do with the word of God? How can we know we can depend on the Bible? Sometimes we hear Christians admit that they don’t like what the Bible says, but since it’s the Bible they have to obey it. Should we be satisfied with that answer? The Bible can seem dull at times but taken as a whole, the Bible is the greatest story ever told, and the people who know it best are usually those who delight in it the most. In this workshop we will unpack what the Bible says about the Bible, as we learn to take God at his word.

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All the World’s a Stage: Using Stories to Share Our Faith

Youth Workshop — Joshua Jiang

Love Shakespeare? Want to flex your creativity muscle? In this workshop, we will use our thinking, writing, and speaking skills to share our own faith stories through drama. We begin by exploring what the gospel story reveals to us about beauty and brokenness. Then we will collaborate to produce our own original skit, and in the process, learn how to articulate and share our personal testimonies. If you want to practice creative ways of sharing the love of Christ with others, this is the workshop for you. No prior experience necessary!

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Taming the Tyrannies

C&C Workshop — Michelle Park

We want to live our best lives but sometimes the demands of school, work, parents and peers overwhelm us. We so often give into Tyrannies that deplete our souls – The Tyrannies of “Busy,” “Competition,” and “Comparison.” What will it take to keep from falling into the Tyrannies or from feeling trapped in them once we find ourselves there? Being there sometimes produces stress, anxiety, and/or depression. Find out what signs to look for in your life that a Tyranny is present and what you can do to truly begin living your best life.

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A Shift in our Perspective and Approach to Evangelism

C&C Workshop — Sam Park

Growing up in the church, we’ve developed a particular perspective and approach to evangelism. For many of us, evangelism was taught and modeled as something that the more mature leaders, or those who are “gifted” in evangelism, or “extroverts” do. That’s actually not true. EVERYONE has been called to evangelize— that is, to share the “good news of Jesus Christ from their particular stage of life and faith. The shift is from focusing on methodology to motivation. We’ll talk about this new perspective to evangelism as well as learn a few things about how to actually engage the world around us with our faith!

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Living Freely In His Grace

C&C Workshop — John Liu

Jesus says in John 8:36 “So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.” It’s easy to get confused about what it means to live freely in God’s grace, especially when we try to live our faith influenced by the norms of our culture. What’s holding us back from experiencing the fullness of His freedom? Is it possible that we also cheapen His grace without even realizing it? What does it mean to be set free especially when we are all born with sin, yet also presented with the gift of salvation? For example, as men one of the sins we might constantly struggle with is lust. How do we experience freedom and the fullness of His grace so that we experience freedom from the bondage and stronghold of this sin? In this workshop we will examine and tackle some of the spiritual and emotional aspects of living freely in His grace so that we may continually be transformed and strengthened in our faith and relationship with our heavenly father.

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C&C Workshop — Kelly & Shirley Ng

We all have expectations, whether we are aware of it or not. Yet unmet expectations are a major cause of unnecessary disappointments and disconnected relationships. In this workshop, you will learn how to embrace your expectations in a healthy manner that allows you to build and develop meaningful, connected relationships, and avoid unnecessary hurts.

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The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit

C&C Workshop — David Herling

The Holy Spirit is one of the most important people in the New Testament, and the key to understanding the New Testament church, so why do we talk about him so rarely? Have you ever wondered why Jesus would say that we are better off with the Holy Spirit than we would be with him physically here among us (John 16:7)? This workshop is an introduction not to a topic but to a Person, one who lives in the heart of every believer! What are spiritual gifts? How do I use my spiritual gifts responsibly? Includes both practical theology and application.

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An Introduction to Interpreting Dreams

C&C Workshop — Liz Lezon

Have you ever experienced a dream so vivid, you thought it was real? Or had one years ago you could never forget? Did you know that God communicates to us through dreams? Join us to learn what the Bible says about dreams and how these keys can unlock your understanding on He longs to speak to us today!

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A good Offense is a good Defense

C&C Workshop — Miguel Rodriguez

This workshop will cover how we can use biblical evidence to defend our beliefs in the face of secular arguments. We will explore what you believe and how to use the Bible to answer difficult questions. The workshop will cover a form of Christian theology that aims to present historical, reasoned, and evidential bases for Christianity, defending it against common objections.

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Who is the Holy Spirit?

Youth Workshop — David Herling

The New Testament church experienced healing, prophecy, miracles, and more, all tied to the mysterious and wonderful Person of the Holy Spirit. Today, the Holy Spirit still lives inside the hearts of believers, and this workshop is an introduction to him! Come to learn about what the Holy Spirit is doing today, come to learn about spiritual gifts and the power of God, but most of all come to meet the Person whom Jesus sent to live in your heart!

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Who Am I?

Youth Workshop — Josh Kim

Our identity is the foundation of our lives. What we think about ourselves and what God thinks about us ultimately shape who we become and what we do. As second-generational (or even third-generational) Asian-Americans, identity can be somewhat challenging growing up bi-culturally. On top of that, we also face the challenge of living out our Kingdom identity and culture in the world. This seminar will practically help out how we can discover our identity from a cultural perspective, kingdom perspective, and calling/destiny perspective.

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God, is that you? Learning to Hear the Voice of God

Youth Workshop — Ellen Hwang

Ever wonder if when you’re trying to hear what God saying is really from God or just in your head? If you’re looking for a formula, you can forget it because there isn’t one. God speaks to each person in different ways because He has created each one of us to be unique. We’ll learn how you can figure out what your ways are so as you grow in your relationship with Him, you’ll be able to discern what’s from Him and what’s not.

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Creativity Isn’t a Talent

Youth Workshop — Sam Won

Creativity is more than just art or the performing arts. It’s the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships, or the like, and to create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods, interpretations, etc.; originality, progressiveness, or imagination. Too often creativity is considered to be a talent or an ability, but as children of God, it’s a birthright. Having been created in the image of the Creator, it is only natural for us to create. This means that creativity isn’t a skill set, but a mindset. Dive deeper into your identity and learn more about the value of creating. It isn’t limited to just some of God’s children, but all.

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Battling Anxiety & Depression

Youth Workshop — Elissa Lin Rathe

It’s not unusual for us to experience feeling down at times or discouraged, especially with all the pressures and expectations surrounding us. However, for many, this is something more serious than just an occasional sadness. Are you or know someone who is overly worried about things that others around you don’t seem to be? Before you go diagnosing or self-diagnosing, let’s learn what the real signs are and what we can do about helping someone or ourselves who may be struggling these ways. In this workshop, we will tackle anxiety and depression from Biblical and psychological perspectives. We’ll also gain a better understanding of the nature and causes of anxiety and depression, and what the Bible says how we can battle against them. Practical and scriptural steps will be delineated to help us fight against these common issues.

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Songwriting For Everyone

Youth Workshop — Deborah & Jesse Du

The Psalms call us to “sing to the Lord a new song,” and whether or not you consider yourself musical, we miss out on a unique way to experience God by neglecting this call. This songwriting workshop is to empower the voice in you to declare God’s goodness in fresh ways, whether you’ve never tried writing a song or have written many before. There will be different exercises and activities based on skill level, so everyone is invited!
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Meaningful Evangelism

Youth Workshop — Miguel Rodriguez

“Folks don’t care what you know, unless they know that you care”. This statement holds true to any interpersonal relationship. Most times folks are not sure how to talk about Jesus and salvation with people do to fear and no real game plan. This workshop helps to build on a set of ideas and talking points when sharing the gospel. Sharing the gospel is more than standing on a street corner, its being able to use any situation and use that as an avenue to talk about salvation through Jesus.
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Introduction to Spiritual Warfare

Youth Workshop — Tom Hui

Reality tends to be a limiting factor in our lives within the confines of our 3-dimensional world. This is even more prevalent within the spiritual realm, especially with the things that are unseen (most of the time, unless we pay close attention). Ephesians 6 says that our battle isn’t against people but against the forces and authorities of darkness in the spiritual world. In this workshop, we’ll dive into those things that are unseen within the spiritual realm that will equip us to win the spiritual daily battles we face in our lives.
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Intimacy, Love and Dating

Youth Workshop — Hoon Kim

God is love, love is good and God designed humanity for love. However, in a fallen world where hearts are prone to temptation and idolatry, the pursuit and expression of love can often get messy, even when we start off with the best intentions. This workshop will take a candid look at heart issues and discuss practical steps to determine whether you really are ready for romance. We will cover common myths such as the “dot theory of dating” and how to honor God with our hearts and relationships.
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Experiencing God Through Prayer

Youth Workshop — Jasmine Flores

How many times have you tried to pray on your own and just given up? When you pray with others does it feel like you’re just saying what ‘sounds good?’ Does prayer really make a difference? It does! In fact, you can experience God in prayer and you can pray prayers that make an impact. Come to this workshop to find out how!

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Revival & Reconciliation

C&C Workshop — Daniel Park

Revival is used in many contexts today. But what does it mean for us? For Christians, Revival is not an event, nor just a movement. It’s the Holy Spirit working to bring to life what is dead. After living for too long in spiritual decline and indifference, we need the Holy Spirit to awaken our stagnant lives and churches!
History shows that revival has awakened the Body of Christ and brought restoration between generations (Malachi 4:6), leaving a deep impression on communities, changing lives, healing relationships and restoring families. In this interactive workshop, we will discuss and identify the barriers, opportunities, and results of restoring revival.

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Pushing Through In The Desert

C&C Workshop — Tom Hui

If you’re human, you have been through dry, parched, and dying seasons in your physical, mental and spiritual parts of life. This workshop seeks to help you interactively discover and make an edifying decision that successfully pushes you through the parched seasons of life and into deeper spiritual maturity and a more intimate relationship with God.
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