My Battle with My Body

2015 Youth Workshop – Henry Wan

I hated everything I saw – my obesity, my narrow eyes, my puny arms, my flat nose. My body was never thin or muscular enough. I disliked how clothes felt on me. My body tormented me and, in response, I tormented it back – calorie restriction, excessive exercise. No matter what I did, I was not happy with what I saw. Dysmorphic body image goes beyond struggling with weight loss and describes a deeper dislike for one’s body no matter how much is done to improve it.

Adolescents care tremendously about how they look because it’s how they show themselves to the world. Since so much depends on image, teens could be absolutely harsh towards what they see in the mirror. In this workshop, I will share about my own struggle with my body and how I reclaimed the Image of God that is within me. This workshop is for those who are interested in exploring the issue of body image and how it could crippling and how confidence can be restored.