Unveiled: Freedom in the Spirit

Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.
— 2 Corinthians 3:17 ESV


Dr. Ronald Walborn, Dean of Alliance Theological Seminary

Friday evening – “Modernity and World View”

“Modernity and World View” addresses how living in the Modern Era with our penchant toward Western Rationalism has robbed us of our spiritual perception and spiritual power. Recognizing these blind spots is the first step to recovery and toward the development of a learning curve for the supernatural.

Saturday Morning – “Bounded Set vs Centered Set”

“Bounded Set vs Centered Set” addresses the danger of replacing our intimacy with God with a religious system of rules and regulations. True freedom and real transformation can only be experienced in a relational Centered Set.

Saturday Evening – “The Filling of the Holy Spirit throughout the Scriptures”

There are some Christians who act as if the Holy Spirit did not exist before the New Testament and ceased to exist as soon as the New Testament canon was completed. In truth, the Holy Spirit was actively filling and empowering people throughout the Old and New Testament and continues to fill and empower believers in our day. This teaching is designed to open our hearts to a fresh filling of the Holy Spirit in our day.

Sunday Morning – “Emotional Healing”

Emotional wounds and trauma will often result in debilitating lies being attached to those events. Left unchallenged, these lies will destroy any hope people have for joy and effective living. Jesus knows how to confront the embedded lies of our past with His amazing light and truth. Freedom and emotional healing is possible and available in this life, right now.

Sunday Evening – “Divine Healing”

“Divine Healing: Giving and Receiving with the Spirit of Christ” is a practical training on how to better position ourselves to both receive and minister healing in the power of Christ.

Monday Morning – “Fighting the Right Battles” (Joint Session)

In John 8, Jesus encounters a woman trapped in sexual sin and leaders trapped in religious bondage. Jesus teaches us in this passage how to fight the battle for people’s hearts instead of their behavior. When we learn to fight the right battles, true freedom comes to us and everyone we encounter.


Henry Wan

Friday Evening – “Good at looking good.”

It’s really nice to be noticed. Teenagers are masters at manipulating their public image. Sometimes we’re noticed for the masks we wear. All though being seen and affirmed are good things; sometimes it’s done at the cost of our authenticity.

Saturday Morning – “Finding YOU underneath all of you.”

We decorate ourselves with stuff and achievements to define ourselves. Asian Americans being the “model minority” are great at this! Statistically higher achieving and over-represented among top schools, Asian Americans are really good at making a name for themselves. We all want to find ourselves. However, sometimes finding your self is not about the identity that you take on rather than the identity you take off.

Sunday Morning – “When you don’t feel it.”

We’re told that God is always with us and we can go to Him anytime. But let’s face it, in times of brokenness, we don’t always feel that God is there. How, then, are we expected to be unveiled – sometimes it’s easier to hide. How do we come to God when we don’t feel it?

Sunday Evening – “Seeing for the first time”

For some, we can be going through life without ever truly living. We could establish an image, hobbies, friends, and achievements but still not feel like we know who we are. It’s not until we have a personal and transforming encounter with the Holy Spirit will we see who we were truly created to be – and start seeing for the first time.