NYSC 紐約靈命進深會

2021年 紐約靈命進深會 將以網路聚會的方式進行。

2021 New York Conference will be held as a online conference.

日期 / Dates: 7/2/2021(F) ~ 7/5/2021(M)


Dear brothers and sisters:

Peace in the Lord!

We deeply hope that the heavenly peace and love of the Lord would fill your hearts as the challenging season of the Covid-19 pandemic continues. The co-workers of the New York Summer Conference have been praying and seeking wisdom from the Lord during the past few months while paying attention to the developments of the pandemic and communicating with The College of New Jersey, our host of the conference.

Judging from the current situation, there are still many important factors with great uncertainty: TCNJ is not yet sure to what extent campus facilities can be reopened this summer, to what extent the government’s restrictions will remain or even be upgraded, and whether traveling can be safely encouraged. In light of these factors, the New York Summer Conference co-workers have decided to hold an online conference for the Chinese and English ministry this year in lieu of a physical gathering. Last July, by God’s provision, the English ministry of NYSC hosted an 3-day, online conference that brought together brothers and sisters to worship the Lord and explore the ideas of hope and peace in our Savior Jesus Christ. While we are saddened that we cannot meet in person two years in a row, we continue to trust that God is working through our conference. Gathering in an online setting brings challenges but we are convinced that every challenge can help us better learn to rely on God and look to His grace in everything.

The English ministry staff of NYSC is excited for what God has in store for NYSC 2021! Further details of the online conference date and schedule will be announced soon, so please continue to check the NYSC website and our social media pages for updates in the coming weeks.

If you have specific comments and suggestions, please share them with us via email at ny.spiritual.deepening@gmail.com

May the Lord’s love and protection be with us all!


疫情還沒有完全過去,某些地方甚至還在發展當中, 我們深盼那屬天的平安和 主的愛能充滿在 您們的心中。

紐約靈命進深會籌備會的同工們在過去幾個月中 一直在主面前禱告尋求,並時刻關注著疫情的發展, 也和為大會提供場地的新澤西學院保持著密切聯絡。 以目前情形看,仍有許多重要的因素具有很大的不確定性: 學校目前還不確定今年夏天校園設施能在多大程度上重新開放, 政府規定的限制措施將會在什麼程度依然保留甚或升高, 以及旅行安全情形是否能有足夠的改善等等。 鑒於這些因素,紐約靈命進深會今年將該以網路聚會的方式進行。 我們也將這一決定與各位講員分享並獲得了他們的支持。

大會進行的日期仍然不變, 即七月二號晚上開始,到七月五號中午結束。 時值長週末,希望能方便弟兄姐妹參加。 大會的每日安排應該大致與以前相同, 具體將在大會網站上公佈, 請大家時時關注。 改為網路(線上)聚會給我們帶來了許多挑戰和不習慣, 但我們深信我們所面臨的每一挑戰都能幫助我們更好地 學習依靠神並在凡事上仰望祂的恩典。 也希望弟兄姐妹能積極參加聚會並通過禱告和 實際事工上的參與來支持我們。 各位講員們也都會通過網路參加聚會, 並且在每堂聚會之後都安排與大家的互動交通的時間。

您若有具體的意見和建議,也請通過電子郵件和我們分享。 ny.spiritual.deepening@gmail.com

願 主愛和保守常與我們眾人同在!

紐約靈命進深會 2021 年大會籌備會
New York Summer Conference Staff

2021年1月25 日